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ProTA  4.0

Updated and Ready for macOS Sierra 10.12!

Increase productivity with the new integrated Chart Suite Window

ProTA Chart Suite
  • More analysis and control at your fingertips:  Portfolio, Charts, File Browser and Inspector are now consolidated into a more comprehensive Chart Suite document.

  • Apply a limitless set of Indicators, Table Templates, Chart Templates, Trading Models, and Smartlists with a simple click or double-click in the newly reworked File Browser.
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Set it and forget it.  Automated FREE data downloading.

ProTA Data Downloader window
  • While ProTA 4 is running, your charts, analyses and database are automatically kept up-to-date.

  • Powered by Yahoo, comprehensive and global in scope.  All Stocks, Funds and many Indexes are intrinsically supported.
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Smartlists:  Your custom criteria automatically computed and updated

ProTA Smartlist window
ProTA Smartlist Chart Suite
  • Automatically find the securities that meet your own custom criteria, for example "Up or Down > 2% Today".

  • As ProTA 4's new downloader updates your database throughout the day, your Smartlists are automatically refreshed to display the items currently meeting your parameters.
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Easy authoring of your Custom Indicators, Trading Systems and Smartlists

ProTA Custom Indicator authoring window
  • Creating your own analyses has never been easier.  A brand new authoring window integrates previously disparate features into a single workspace.
ProTA Bollinger Bands Chart Suite

Your feature requests are our top priority!

We've asked our customers "How can we improve ProTA 3?"  Your most requested feature suggestions are now included in ProTA 4:

  • PaintBars allow you to color Bars plots based on your own custom criteria.

  • Shade the area between computed lines.

  • !Weekly designation (and others) allows for computation and scanning based on a periodicity other than Daily.

  • Built-in ticker lists for USA , FOREX, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Singapore exchanges.

  • Maintain multiple ProTA databases located on any storage drive, including your iCloud Drive.

  • Price Highlighting of the most recent prices in a chart's y-axis.

  • Adjust rendering layers for overlapping chart plots.

  • Range Ruler line study to help measure vertical rallies and pullbacks.

  • Work with chart suites in full-screen mode.

  • Dozens of new Custom Indicators, Smartlists, Trading Systems, Chart Templates, Columns Templates are provided to help the new user get started with professional technical analysis.

  • Dozens of usability upgrades in virtually every ProTA interface.

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