ProTA Version History

This page details the most recent ProTA updates, since the ProTA 4.3 release in 2020.  

To see a more complete version history of all ProTA 4 releases, please click here.

4.312  -  160  -  5/11/21  -  Current Release

ProTA 4.312 is an important update for all users including new and completely updated Ticker Lists, additional flexibility with several key ProTAscript functions, improved scrolling options for all charts, and over a dozen bug fixes and performance optimizations. 

Updated Ticker Lists

* When adding new tickers, the Ticker Lists now include new categories for Cryptos and Futures.

* All existing Ticker List categories have been updated with current lists from the various exchanges.

Additional Flexibility With Several ProTAscript Functions

* The following ProTAscript functions now accept computed variable (Array) parameters: AutoLRTL(), AutoRL(), AutoTL(), StdDev(), MA().  This allows for some entirely new approaches in some of your existing indicators.  For example, the code below now plots Linear Regression channels using a computed or specific start date of your choice:

Another example uses the new variable array Period parameter of the MA() function to compute the Hull Moving Average:

New Scrolling Commands

* Added Scroll Chart One Date Forward/Backward commands to the Charts menu as well as mouse-clickable areas on the left and right sides of the Time (X) Axis.

Easier File Name Editing

* Added Edit Name command to all source file tables' gear widget.

* Adding a new file to any authoring window now begins an immediate edit session of the “Untitled” default name.

Many Bug Fixes and Performance Enhacements

* Daily Trendlines are now hidden on Intraday charts to prevent misleading renders.

* Custom Indicator file and Trading System file modification triggers are now more strictly determined to limit unnecessary chart recalculations.  

* Intraday timeframe Crypto and Index charts will now update around the clock.  

* Reduced iCloud Sync file size by removing additional unnecessary files before uploading. 

* Improved timing fidelity of automated Yahoo sessions.

* Fixed issue with multiple crosshairs displaying when other windows were hidden to the Dock.

* Fixed a potential corruption issue when adding and removing many columns to a content table over time.

4.31  -  158  -  3/31/21

ProTA 4.31 is a required update for all users.  

In early 2021, Yahoo rolled out a new level of rate limitation for queries to its servers.  If your IP address exceeds the new new query limits (limits per minute, per hour and per day), your IP address is flagged for a period of time and you will not receive any responses from their server until the flag clears.  ProTA 4.31 complies with the new 2021 rate throttling levels, avoiding any flags, collars, or any other interruptions to your data updates.  

Version 4.31 also includes several improvements related to intraday data display and additional stability fixes.

Updated Yahoo Interface

* Networking adjustments to accommodate the new 2021 Yahoo query limits.

* Improved the information provided in the Yahoo session logs (Tools menu: Logs).

* Additional log files are now generated and saved in the ProTA/Logs folder.

* Data Downloader window (cmd-D) now displays estimated time remaining and improved status messaging.

Improved Exporting and Bug Fixes

* Exporting intraday data now includes time of day in the date field.

* Fixed time zone shifting issue related to intraday charting.

* Additional stability bug fixes.

4.301  -  155  -  12/18/20

ProTA 4.301 fixes potential crashing issues related to several of the new indicators added in the 4.3 release.

4.3  -  154  -  11/18/20

Initial release of ProTA 4.3.

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